Darryl tait

Growing up Darryl was fortunate to have the loving support of his parents that allowed him to pursue many extreme type sports such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX, Mountain biking, Motocross and Snocross. Growing up and competing in all these sports, Darryl chose a career path of Freestyle Snowmobiling and was on his was to compete in the X games. Before making it to the big stage of X Games, Darryl did a show in the Eastern states where he ran his snowmobile out of fuel half way through a back flip, causing him to under rotate, and was crushed under the impact of the snowmobile, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down along with many internal injuries.
Darryl returned to his passions of extreme sports, just in a new way! Beginning with WCMX and competing in world championships events, then getting back on the snowmobile to race adaptive snocross in the 2013 X Games. Eventually getting on an adaptive mountain bike and then road for 6 frustrating years. Frustration set in because of his equipment failing him on nearly every single ride before making the switch to the Bowhead Reach!  That was “the best decision I have ever made” he said. The Bowhead Reach has allowed Darryl the freedom to explore and adventure independently into the outdoors where other adaptive equipment could not get him to, while durable enough to take on his aggressive riding style with hitting features such as jumps, drops and rugged downhill trails. Leaving  him giggling with joy, feeling so fulfilled that he can finally trust a product. “Now that I have a Bowhead , I can’t imagine my life without it any more. It’s not just a bike, it’s a lifestyle!”

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Quinn Brett

Alpine Climber Quinn Brett sought to travel and climb mountains throughout the world, reveling in the freedom of movement but also advocating for safe keeping of these special places.  She worked as a climbing ranger Rocky Mountain National Park, technical rescuer and first responder.  This intimate work within public lands also opened opportunities to spread a need for stewardship within the recreational community.  October 2017 she took a big fall while rock climbing in Yosemite National Park, causing paralysis below the navel.  Her drive to cover long distances over technically complex terrain continues, so does her advocacy and adventure love for wild spaces.  The Bowhead Reach has allowed expansive opportunity to play in the wilderness again, its technical ability on the Slickrock Trail of Moab to just cutting up a grassy hillside on a "walk" with friends.  Stoked this machine exists!  

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Ryan St. Lawrence

Nothing can really prepare you for a life-altering injury. Sure, you can sift through your arsenal of coping skills and pick out what you think you’ll need, tap the reserve of faith and fortitude you’ve been saving for this kind of thing, and lean on your support network when you’re lagging. But the truth is, there is no ‘tragedy starter-pack.’ You just have to try to hit the ground running, or in my case, rolling.

I suffered my spinal cord injury in a mountain biking accident in August of 2016, so as far as SCI goes, I’m a relative newbie. As an athlete the most challenging part of this hasn’t been losing the use of my legs, it’s been losing my outlet. Biking was my therapy, my stress-relief, my exercise, my social inroad. As such, the sudden inability to retreat to my sport was a profound loss.

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Cole Bernier

Being adventurous and maybe slightly an adrenaline junky, the Bowhead Reach has opened my life up to places I didn’t imagine were possible. From ripping down Mountain Bike trails to Snowy Winter walks along the creek the Bowhead Reach has introduced me to endless possibilities for adaptive exploring. It’s been so much fun pushing this machine to see what it can do! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an innovative family, that is continually making this bike more and more adaptive. 

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Liam Keenan

Liam Keenan is at the forefront of adaptive mountain biking in New Zealand. After a crash riding his bike in Queenstown back in April 2017 leaving him a T4 paraplegic, he was always determined to get back to riding mountain bike trails. This first happened 13 months after his injury. It came in the form of a bucket bike which he has since taken the length of the country riding and trying to get other people with disabilities back out onto trails. Now Liam is part of the Bowhead Family and enjoys the rush of racing and riding his Bowhead Reach.

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All my life revolved around freeskiing and gravity mountain biking. This didn’t change much after a mountain biking accident in August 2016 left me a T6 paraplegic. I knew that the sports I loved will never be same. But living in Switzerland, the road to sitskiing was paved already – I quickly took up para-alpine ski racing as a member of the Swiss Paralympic Ski Team.

Taking up adaptive mountain biking on the other hand wasn’t quite as easy. I felt like there was no bike that won’t limit me with its capabilities… until I came across the Bowhead Reach.

Being the first rider from Europe, I couldn’t go for a test ride. I trusted Christian and the Team and they didn’t promise too much: I can ride on regular trails, jump, drift and explore endlessly with that machine. I’m still learning on every ride, can’t wait where this thing will take me next!


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Adam Lazaro

Between skiing and mountain biking, there was hardly a day that went by when you couldn't find Adam in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  Unfortunately, Adam was injured in May of 2019 in a mountain biking accident. With 3 small kids, being immobile was not an option.  The Bowhead Reach has allowed him to go on hikes, go fishing, and now that spinal precautions are being lifted, it's time to return to the mountain bike trails.  Adam is committed to sharing the joy and excitement that the Bowhead Reach provides with as many people as possible.  


Chad Jassman

I grew up in small town Saskatchewan always living an active life. I took aviation in college and always had a sense of adventure. I broke my back as a passenger of a car accident on the way to the ski hill I was a snowboard instructor at. Since then I've been playing wheelchair basketball for a living, but always enjoyed skiing and craved more of that feeling. The Bowhead gives me the opportunity to explore my own back yard in ways I had given up on since 2004.