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The Bowhead REACH corporate sponsorship program is simple. A company (you) funds a Bowhead REACH (adaptive equipment) and donates it to an organization that helps get people outside enjoying, connecting, and reintegrating with nature.

As opposed to other forms of corporate "Team Building" or motivation, the Bowhead REACH corporate sponsorship program not only inspires and fulfills your employees but will leave a lasting positive effect on the community. Once you have chosen to be a sponsor Bowhead will work with you to find a relevant group or organization in your desired area that needs this type of equipment.

Kids, adults, and elderly with mobility impairments rely on technology to do most everything in their lives. Often the equipment used for day-to-day living requirements takes priority over recreation and the ability to go outside into nature.

The health benefits of nature are vast and a quick google will tell you all the facts you need.

But since you are busy and asking you to look at a screen to determine the value of a connection to nature seems ironic we would just ask you to think of the memories you have had. Whether it be a blue sky from a mountain viewpoint, the smell and sounds of a placid lake shore, or the whistling of birds in a secluded forest. These are largely inaccessible places to the disabled without the proper equipment.

Be a part of the change promoting and inspiring adventure to help everyone REACH the highest possible peaks.

The Bowhead REACH allows a wide demographic of people to access nature safely and with dignity. It can be used independently or with the help of a friend or a family member.

We are also more than happy to come in and speak publicly to your employees about the motivation behind this program and some of the amazing stories that it has created. As well as present the finished REACH to your company and the happy recipient.

Why the bowhead reach?

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Calgary International Airport



Easter Seals Camp Horizon

Waypoint Adventure

Cotting School

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Download our Sponsorship PDF here and share with people or companies you think would be interested in getting involved.