Bowhead Corporate out-reach program

Be part of the change promoting and inspiring adventure to help everyone REACH the highest possible peaks!

Our active mission at Bowhead Corp is to provide adaptive, eco-friendly, adrenaline-pumping, outdoor mobility solutions. The Bowhead Reach allows a wide demographic of people to access nature safely and with dignity. It can be used independently or with the help of a guide, friend, or family member.

Our efforts and hopes for everyone who wants a Bowhead Reach to receive one won’t reach its maximum potential without help from companies like you. Be part of the change promoting and inspiring adventure to help everyone Reach the highest possible peak.

How the program works:

    -  As an alternative to corporate “team building,” the Bowhead Out-Reach Program will inspire and fulfill your employees as well as leaving a lasting positive effect on the community

     -  Your company funds a Bowhead Reach and donates it to an individual or organization of your choice (we can help work with you to find a relevant recipient or group)

     -  Individual or organization benefits from your generosity and is able to reintegrate into nature and improve their quality of life Donate through The Steadfast Foundation, a 501 c3 entity, and receive a tax write-off

     -  Christian Bagg can come and speak to your employees about the motivation behind this program and some of the amazing stories it has created. He can also present the finished Reach bike to your company and recipient

If you are interested in participating in the Bowhead Out-Reach program, please contact us at 517-775-9303 or

Thank you in advance for your consideration!