Recreational Usage

From fishing or walking the dog, to going on a leisurely hike or ride, the Bowhead REACH is the perfect addition to your lifestyle. You don't have to be a daredevil going fast up and down mountains to own a Bowhead REACH (unless you want to of course!)


I’ve taken it down forest paths with my 2-year-old son on my lap, keeping up with my wife as she runs trails. I’ve spent evenings pinning the throttle across open fields, grinning like a loon as I lock up the rear brake and practice drift turns through the dirt. I went riding along a gravel road and after spotting a trail wandering up a hill¬side and into the forest, I explored it with no regard to width, slope or supposed accessibility.

Seth McBride - New Mobility Magazine

When I came home for a visit back in May, I was in our backyard. And Evan, my three-year-old son, went from our backyard into the woods. And he said, "Daddy, come play." I look beyond, and there's stumps and roots and grass and rocks. And I sat there and– you know, a tear rolled down my eye. And I thought, "There's just no way I can get out there." When the bike arrived, the first thing I did is I put Evan on my lap and I bombed out the backyard through the woods, over the stumps. And it was just the most phenomenal feeling.

J.P. Middleton