Meet the PIt Crew

Christian Bagg - Engineer & bowhead creator

Christian Bagg is a Calgary born inventor and mechanical designer. Injured in 1996, while snowboarding, Christian broke his back and was paralyzed from the waist down.  Using his background as a machinist, he starting inventing his way around the challenges he faced.  With a love for the outdoors and a passion for problem solving, he has spent the last 20 years designing and building adaptive equipment. What started as a way to solve his own problems grew into an outlet to help others experience the very outdoors that he loves so much.  Sharing his story has helped Christian establish partnerships with government agencies, private corporations and post-secondary education institutions, all with the belief that “everyone belongs outside.”

Tatiana Place - Biomechatronics Technician

Tatiana is a recent graduate from Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. Her specialization in Biomedical engineering and initial student internship with Bowhead Corp in 2019 ignited her love for designing and manufacturing adaptive equipment. During her internship with Bowhead, Tatiana donated her hair in a fundraising effort to provide a REACH cycle for a local Calgarian mother longing to get back exploring trails with her son. Tatiana also completed an internship in Brazil working in various hospitals and gaining experience repairing clinical and surgical equipment. When she is not studying or travelling, Tatiana can often be found hiking in the Rocky Mountains, running and biking through the city’s river valley, or slowing things down with a peaceful yoga session. Combining her passion for outdoor recreation, healthy living, and biomedical solutions, Tatiana has found a home with Bowhead Corp where she intends to continue helping as many individuals as possible regain the freedom and independence they deserve.