Bowhead Affiliate Program

2.5% commission (Bowhead Corp products only) • 5% customer discount (Bowhead Corp products only)

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It's pretty simple: At Bowhead Corp, we love the outdoors and everything about the experience. We enjoy the utility and fun sides of the Reach, and we take our passion very seriously. We strive to enhance every Reach-related experience possible, bringing people together through the power of these simple machines. We put many years of knowledge and skill at your disposal, promising a solution whether you're a seasoned vet or just starting out. We're leading the industry, shipping many of our bikes nearly fully assembled, just minutes from riding.

Highlights of the Bowhead Affiliate program include:

  •  2.5% commission rate (Bowhead Corp products only)

  •  5% discount rate to customer (Bowhead Corp products only)

  •  High average order value (over $15,000)

  •  A responsive representative available to answer questions (

  •  Access to official logo and graphics

  •  Referral section on the Reach quote form where customers will put the Affiliate's name. We will keep track of your referrals and pay commission out quarterly

Additional Terms & Conditions does not allow trademark, trademark plus bidding, or any misspellings of the brand name. Bowhead encourages affiliates to use search engine marketing in their promotional campaigns. However, we restrict affiliates from keyword bidding on the following terms and their misspellings: Bowhead, Bowhead Reach, Bowhead Reach Adventure Cycle.

Affiliates are not allowed to promote offers from outside of the Affiliate channel. This includes not posting specific discount codes and that user generated content of the same nature will be grounds for reversal of sales.

We look forward to working with you!

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current Affiliate Roster

We will be updating this list as affiliates sign up. Please contact us if you would like to be put into contact with an affiliate in your area.


Indiana: Tom Morris –

Ohio: Ray Petro –

California: Landon McGauley –

Colorado: Quinn Brett –

New Hampshire: Ryan St. Lawrence –

Michigan: Dylan Leece –

Idaho: Cindy Krieg –

Wisconsin: Anthony Regole -

Michigan: Will Knoll -

Massachusetts: Dan Minnich -

Texas: Kerry Laird -

Montana: Annie Crone -

California: Dillon Connolly -

Colorado: Paul Savage -


British Columbia: Cole Bernier –

Yukon: Darryl Tait –

Saskatchewan: Joel Bancescue –

Alberta: Kasey Aiello –

British Columbia: Brandon Shchwartz –

British Columbia: Mike Riediger –

Ontario: Mark Bazzo -

British Columbia: The Community Recreational  Initiatives Society (CRIS)

 British Columbia: Kurtis Sorge -

British Columbia: Brayden Methot -


Scotland: Kathleen Henderson –

New Zealand: Liam Keenan –

Switzerland: Pascal Christen –

Mexico: Jose Luis Cortes -

Australia: Lee Riethmuller -

Belgium: Bjorn Van den Berk -

Germany: David Horvath -